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We as BSB International Group it has grown from an worldwide industrial supplier to providing Europa, Midleeast and Asia Costums Brokarage , warehousing and distribution, logistics, as well as consulting, legal advise, contract, finance and compliance.
Bsb Arabia management Consultants, provide for Trade company’s around the world with a diversity of product and services.
We offer a wide range of benefits to both the importing and exporting parties within an international trade agreement

Our Mission

As an integrated management, consultants company our commitment is to provide solutions to our trade partners. Our challenges are to improve our day-to-day work with fast and dependable quality service.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be a premier customer centered company that strives to offer value in the service it provides. We will build on the talent and expertise of our employees and innovate and adapt to the changes in the business world. The organization maintains its core ethical values, and grows together with our community.

Our Strategy

Our important targed is focused in utilizing our human and organizational resources to its fullest extent to attain a positive impact in worldwide trade service; and through our teamwork effort we execute our job in a professional manner.


Competition within global trade forces companies to improve their products to compete with other companies. They must innovate to distinguish their products from increased competition, improve their cost to consumers and to be first to market with new ideas.

Resource Specialization & Allocation

Certain countries have an abundance of resources that they are more than happy to export through bsb arabia trade service. Other smaller countries do not have that luxury, so they are more dependent on imports. Global trade allows countries to maximize their resources through the exporting process.

Our Commitment

You as our Partner’s will be receiving the most reliable service to fulfill your procurement, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, and logistics needs.


Every task requires a good foundation: a face-to-face meeting will help us understand your needs.

+971 4 344 36 06
Office #504, 5th Floor, Maze Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai - U.A.E. P.O.Box 88073


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