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With a team of talented and qualified employees, we promise audit excellence and run it through our policies before we finalize it. Keeping all the processes tough and consistence, our accountability and objects are very diligently held within professional standards. We don’t hesitate from hiring talented and worthy individuals for our firm.

Our expertise is also derived from our senior team of extremely experienced auditors and accountants and very effectively carry out a communication with your company throughout the process, something which is highly valued at BSB Arabia.

Financial Audit?
Financial Audit has faced a expansion boom in the last few years due to the increase rate of business enterprises in UAE market, specially Dubai.  And that’s where Financial Audit comes, which digs deep into your company’s accounting records, cash holdings, financial statements, internal control policies and other financial regions.  All publicly-trade business organizations regardless of their size can be subjected to an external financial audit conducted by IRS or any other legal body without any small notice.

A practice of Financial Audit on your own records and books help you avoid any misfortunate accidents and prepare for any possible external audits, avoiding and discouraging any kind of internal theft and fraud.

BSB Arabia understands Dubai’s standards of Audits and offers you a complete line of accounting and financial solutions:

  • Accounting personnel training
  • Interim accounting staffing
  • Accounting software selection & implementation
  • Financial processes & internal controls
  • Preparation of tax returns & filings
  • Financial statement preparation
  •  Accounting personnel training

Internal Audit
All businesses, regardless of their size and success have to face the situation of outdoing their output more than the input.  Every business activity is considered and expected to bring growth and value and business to the organization even if its internal audit.  And, whether you need to cut your overall business costs or need to highlight your cost containment process, internal audit will help you out.

BSB Arabia understands such demands and needs and offers adequate internal audit services that will control your internal costs and also safeguards your business interests and assets. Moreover, we assure the effectiveness and increased efficiency of your business organization through periodic internal audits. 

BSB Arabia internal audit services include

  • Internal Audit Full Outsourcing
  • Internal controls documentation and testing
  • Process mapping and process reviews
  • Information Technology auditing
  • Operational audits
  • Information Technology auditing
  • Quality assurance reviews
  • Internal audit transformation

Investment Advice
For any business being started, functioning of the business is  a very tough job and an endless task.  If you’ve invested your business in the right assets, you are likely to attract positive results. Therefore, a correct and reliable accounting procedure is the core need of a business to ensure its cohesiveness, not only does it help you with correct tax returns, networking and business planning but also flexibility in matters like financing, risk mitigation and benefit strategies. BSB Arabia has a team of experience professional advisors and investment experts serve as  an asset to business organizations of all natures.

Ways to investment opportunities
BSB Arabia has a team and partnerships with respected and highly acknowledged investment leaders that work for institutional investors, with them our company provides our clients ways and access to high-quality mutual funds and investors.

Periodic rebalancing
BSB Arabia uses the international investment principal to relocate and rebalance all your business assets, enhancing your business strategies with years.

Adding value to bond portfolios

BSB Arabia’s client get a heavy and valued portfolio with  a much wider selection and range of bonds than offered by any broker.

In all Investment Advice BSB provides:
We believe in yearly inspections where we survey the financial and environmental status of all business operations, we provide you with proactive business solutions and tax saving options on every business. Our many years of experience have made us extremely adequate and effective in sorting out various kinds of intense financial situations, technology initiatives and other issues. BSB Arabia firmly believes in preaching, implementing and accepting positive business practices.

Fraud Investigation
You could be risking your company in big risks if you have no fraud detector or a control system to manage the internal finances.  A wisely guided fraud investigation is much better than skating on thin ice which could drown all your company the moment it breaks.

BSB Arabia’s investigation units with its team of attorneys, accountants and investors carry out verified and fully inspected fraud investigations that could save your company from unseen harm and frauds.

BSB Arabia’s fraud investigation services include:

  • Investigating employee theft
  • Investigating financial statement fraud
  • Investigating check kiting
  • Tracing money or assets
  • Determining the reasonableness of insurance claims

BSB Arabia’s Internal control studies:
By closely analyzing your company’s internal structure, we can identify your company’s weaknesses and sinking points and recommend appropriate solutions to minimize and eradicate them completely regardless of your business’ size, making it completely fit for Dubai’s standards.

Financing Assistance
For any company in Dubai, finding and locating trustable and experienced funding partners can be a very risky and difficult task.  BSB Arabia with its network of accounting and finance specialists studies your business structure closely and according to that builds network of accounting and financial support that meets your business’s needs perfectly.  We only work with business units and strategies that ensure your company’s positive and fast growth in the capital market. BSB Arabia’s CAs is very well adept and experienced in finding and locating the financial solutions for your business’ needs.

Business Growth Assistance
Business owners, Real business owners and stake holders don’t have enough time and energy to focus in IN business sector and conduct business growth workshops and planning strategies to their team members. However, BSB Arabia with its team of high qualified and experienced CAs designs the most appropriated business plans that are solely aimed towards profit increasing the operational and functional efficiency of the company.

BSB Arabia’s business growth services include:

  • Customer advisory board
  • Bench marking
  • Seminars & workshops
  • Customer advisory board 
  • Strategic ACTION planning
  • Performance measurement and management

Every task requires a good foundation: a face-to-face meeting will help us understand your needs.

+971 4 344 36 06
Office #504, 5th Floor, Maze Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai - U.A.E. P.O.Box 88073


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